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Premium Merchant Accounts Solutions

ECPAYGLOBAL’s broad array of product offerings for merchant payments processing cover the entire spectrum of payments transaction services. From real-time credit card authorization and eWallet acceptance, Transaction Fee is your one-stop single source for payments processing.

All of ECPAYGLOBAL's product offerings are PCI-compliant and comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.

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Credit Card Payments

-Exceptional real-time processing
-Universal card types include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB
-Multiple currencies, 150+ worldwide
-Multiple bank and processor connections, worldwide
-Unparalleled processing scalability and security
-Service reliability backed by 24/7 operations support
-Supports recurring and installment payments using Managed Billing.
-Single report linking all transaction histories, chargebacks, and funding linked to the actual  transaction

Virtual Terminal

Sign up… Sign in… Take Payments.It’s that simple!

With the ECPAYGLOBAL virtual terminal, you can begin to accept payments within seconds of completing the ECPAYGLOBAL merchant log-in screen.

If you have a PC and can access the internet, you’re already 99% on your way to processing credit cards and checks for your payments transactions. Created by ECPAYGLOBAL for use by any merchant desiring to accept single payments for goods and services, the virtual terminal is your straightforward, real-time interface to the world of payments processing at YOUR speed.

MOTO Payment

A card not present transaction is a payment card transaction made where the cardholder is not physically present with the card at the time that the payment is effected. MOTO and online credit card processing allows you to easily process transactions through your phone, fax, mail or even your website and accept payment – all by the click of a mouse. ECPAYGLOBAL Payment Solutions also offers merchants Point of Sale systems, best payment gateways and virtual terminals to choose from when selecting an MOTO or online credit card processing option.

eCommerce compliance / Merchant dedicated support

ECPAYGLOBAL’s payments expertise extends to our hassle-free API always ready and compatible with top most eCommerce shopping cart systems in the globe. Whether you have one ecommerce product or a thousand requiring payment acceptance, ECPAYGLOBAL accommodates your needs. Created specifically to take advantage of ECPAYGLOBAL’s processing environments, with broad array of features and functionality in a well-documented, easy to set up and maintain package.

ECPAYGLOBAL’s top-notch support team is always available for payments processing assistance as well as inquiries regarding your shopping cart and ecommerce integration efforts and transactions.

Anytime, all the time!

Technical API Integration

ECPAYGLOBAL have a staff of programmers experienced in integrating websites to ECPAYGLOBAL payment network and third-party payment networks. Our staff utilizes a proven process: First, we ensure a thorough understanding of the merchant’s software platform and the most efficient ways to integrate to any third-party network. Then ECPAYGLOBAL will integrate the merchant’s website through a standard method that can interface efficiently with almost any type of third-party back-office system. ECPAYGLOBAL staff has advanced experience both on the merchant system and third-party network side, which gives us an edge over other merchant service companies.