Ecpayglobal payment solutions for international credit card,payment solutions for foreign trade website



Competitive Pricing:

Setup Fee: Negotiable in terms of TXN volume
Discount Rate: 3%-6%.
Transaction Fee: $0 - $0.30.
Chargeback Fee: $5 - $25.
Reserve: 10%.
Settlement: daily, 7-14 days in arrears.


Fraud & Risk Management Protocol

ECPAYGLOBAL's Fraud & Risk management provides merchants with greater control in detecting fraud and fraudulent transactions before they occur. Stopping fraudulent transactions also helps to minimise and avoid chargebacks from the bank.

ECPAYGLOBAL use rules to help detect fraudulent transaction patterns and decline further fraudulent attempts. Transaction patterns are analysed in real-time Review your fraud results.

3D Secure

3D Secure is an online service designed to make online shopping transactions safer by authenticating a cardholder’s identity at the time of purchase. This service is known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. 3D Secure is one method for online merchants to combat fraud.


- Creates a level of consumer trust and confidence in online shopping

- Reduces disputes and fraudulent activity

3D Secure is easy with ECPAYGLOBAL, as we have already done the implementation for you. So whether you want a hosted solution, or you still want your customers to enter credit card details on your site, we have a 3D Secure solution that meets your needs.


Multicurrency allow you to accept foreign currency payments without currency conversion.


ECPAYGLOBAL's Merchant Login is a comprehensive set of tools that allow manage all aspects of your ECPAYGLOBAL account

- All accounts access all features
- No additional cost
- New features are being added regularly
- Add as many users as you like and categorise them in to roles

Current features include:

- View a summary of all your ECPAYGLOBAL accounts
- Take payments from cards or bank accounts
- Trigger payments against stored customers or tokens
- Search for historic transactions
- Reconcile your payments to your bank account
- Upload and process payment batch files
- Store and manage customers and tokens
- Setup future scheduled payments
- Download daily report files
- Manage your account details
- Manage user access and permissions via roles